Helm Update Change Log

Helm Update History
Added IP and IP range blacklist support
Added support for SmarterStats Version 3
Added ability to enter CVS CC security code at make payment page
Added additional tag text to extra feature notification
Added tag text [WebServerName] to SmarterStats Export URL
Updated IMail for SSL service support
Updated MSDNS interface to set zone transfer to 'Any Server' if no forwarding IPs provided
Updated tag text to be non-case sensitive
Updated IIS interface to include W2K3 SP1 Out Of Memory workaround
Updated MDaemon interface to support version 6 to 8
Updated AWStats interface to allow custom fields
Updated AWStats to include all DNS lookup options
Updated Paypal to handle duplicate callback bug
Updated ProTx VSP to force currency amount format compliance
Fixed MSSQL and MySQL database name format issue
Fixed ColdFusion wildcard extension not to check file exists
Fixed Mail DNS records not created when disabled at service
Fixed database report sorting error
Fixed MDaemon Email creation and catch all bug
Fixed MDaemon maximum mailbox size in KB
Fixed VelocityPay CV2 processing changes
Fixed XSS entry in default page
Fixed eWay payment gateway not handling failed transactions correctly

Added automatic bad password security lockout
Updated website templates to default off
Updated payment notifications to include 3 new tag texts
Updated usage cache for large installations only
Updated hMailServer interface to support version 4.x and domain aliases
Updated PSiGate API interface
Fixed editing default mail account to allow more than 9 chars 
Fixed hmailserver not creating domains correctly
Fixed website templates using correct affiliate ID
Fixed database report to show correct values
Fixed invoice report to show only relevant invoices
Fixed website write access not showing if enabled on a site already added
Fixed webfarms not adding with application isolation default
Fixed extra features not incrementing limits
Fixed domain aliases missing DNS records on mail update
Fixed Gene6 FTP path not added during Setup Wizard
Fixed Merak POP3 being set as forwarder upon domain creation
Fixed name server addresses to automatically trim names
Fixed known restore tool bugs
Fixed payment methods in Helm API for Windows 2000

Added the brand new Helm Repair Tool (HelmRestoreTool)
Added ability to repair all features of websites (virtual directories etc)
Added ability to repair databases
Added ability to repair statistics
Added ability to repair DNS
Added new installer - with improved configuration routines
Added new management reports
Added Customer Invoice Report
Added Customer Database Size Report
Added Application Pack installation support
Added client note field
Added ability to force the domain name character case
Added account last logged in and last IP address fields
Added ability to search for account by primary email address
Added ability to view Helm error logs in the control panel
Added the ability to sell Web Templates
Added new language translations
Added ability to use Coldfusion wildcard application mappings in IIS6
Added hMailServer mail interface
Added extra columns to IP Address manager
Added ability to disable webspace write access by default
Added ability to disable automatic mail DNS record repair
Added ability to manage the anon. user website read/write access
Added invalid character check to the save file routine in the File Manager
Added invoice paid notification for non recurring transaction that are paid
Added ability to state payment amount on payment receipts
Added support for UNC base configuration paths to Merak Mail
Added support for custom SMTP, IMAP and POP3 ports to Smartermail interface
Added antiflood checking to forgotten password routine
Added credit card error count reset option for administrators and resellers
Updated email address routines to accept the plus symbol as a valid character
Updated ProTx form gateway - improved callback routine
Updated LiveStats XSP interface in line with new LiveStats release
Updated LiveStats XSP interface to create a site admin account
Updated AWStats interface to include a country lookup
Updated create user database routine to prevent invalid database names
Updated billing not to send a receipt when a credit is received
Updated notifications to indicate a credit or a debit
Updated Diskspace analyser and collector to disclude log space usage if required
Updated DNS editors to reject record names with spaces
Updated DNS editors to verify record data is valid for record type
Updated various quickhelp routines
Updated Perl and PHP script mappings to check file exists
Updated WorldPay integration to verify test mode before completing transaction
Fixed Primary DNS group being overwritten by the friendly name
Fixed MSSQL login being left on user account deletion
Fixed Frontpage API sometimes does not add _FP user to AdvAuthor group
Fixed Merak not removing all mail files when deleting a domain
Fixed inability to delete user database when database is locked
Fixed FrontPage repair routine
Fixed truncation of trailing zeros on amounts in the notifications
Fixed domain registration records exiting post domain deletion
Fixed the deletion of resources with no services configured
Fixed saving of physical folder following virtual directory update
Added support for 2Checkout Version 2 form based payment gateway
Added support for Velocity Pay form based payment gateway
Added support for Velocity Pay automatic payment gateway
Added support for E-xact Transactions automatic payment gateway
Added support for MDaemon mail server
Added support for Modernbill
Added notification for extra feature purchases and deletions
Added credit cards to various payment gateways
Added link between Credit Card transactions and Billing transactions
Added ability to search for user accounts by company name
Updated password reminder routine
Updated account vetting routine
Updated payment token routine in form based gateways
Updated various column sizes in the Helm database
Updated Gene6 FTP account routine
Fixed Smartermail to remove catch-all alias on account deletion
Fixed extra feature transactions
Fixed IMail mailbox size setting and default mailbox size
Fixed various screen typos
Fixed soap service install routine for LiveStats XSP
Fixed start date requirement for Protx payment gateway
Fixed recreating control panel website
Fixed orphan resource service set on deletion of resource
Fixed diskspace reports to exclude aliases and duplicate domains
Removed InstallShield update service integration
Added support for LiveStats XSP
Added support for SecurePay (USA) payment gateway
Added Diskspace Reports
Added Reseller Diskspace Report
Added Customer Diskspace Report
Added Domain Diskspace Report
Added database size limit for MSSQL customer databases
Added default FTP site address to GENE6 FTP interface
Added mailbox size limit for IMail interface
Added success message when adding a credit card
Added auto clearing of invoices for specific transactions
Updated the existing credit card failure notification routine
Updated the customer currency symbol routine for outstanding invoices
Fixed account vetting
Fixed minor navigational issues 
Fixed application pool error when saving website settings (IIS5 only)
Fixed customer reseller account name in FORM based autosignup routine
Fixed billing routine for extra features when package is deleted from user 
Added support for Gene6 FTP Server
Fixed support for MySQL 4.1
Fixed tablename and fieldname issue for linux MySQL servers
Updated autobilling routine to charge 'due transactions' only.
Added virtual directory support
Added support for URL redirects
Added directory browsing support
Added support for exact URL redirects
Added application isolation support for IIS 6
Added ability to set to set up by default in IIS service properties
Added ability to enable/disable individual domains (admin only)
Added supported Microsoft.Net API
Added support for custom billing gateway interface
Added support for getting domain information
Added support for custom domain registration and tranfer gateway
Added support for custom user sign up
Added support for basic user management
Added support for MyODBC 3.5 for MySQL
Updated update tool to kill known processes
Updated version numbers on supported software interfaces
Updated interface to allow SSL throughout if enter on SSL URL
Fixed SSL support in pay before you signup page
Fixed MailEnable domain alias support for MRAs
Fixed invalid username on auto signup form
Fixed incorrect total showing on auto signup page
Fixed SmarterMail 2 mailbox size limit
Fixed resource type description when copying an extra feature
Fixed special character unsupported in auto signup
Fixed SimpleDNS making NS record changes
Added support for [DomainName] tag in global TXT, MX & CNAME records
Updated subdomains not to set permissions
Updated messaging security
Fixed creating global TXT records
Added new remote licencing support
Added support for SPF (DNS TXT records)
Added overusage notification scheduling support
Updated issue number for credit cards not required
Updated account statement to include account balance under statement total
Updated switch card minimum issue length
Updated authorize.net parameters
Updated all gateways to send card holders email address
Fixed problems printing invoice on some client machines
Fixed billing total showing in wrong colour
Fixed billing notification including incorrect data
Fixed bandwidth/diskspace type mismatch on notification
Fixed problem viewing own invoice
Fixed invoices removed on account cancelled
Added Resource Overusage Notifications
Added HTML Invoice formatting and transmission
Added Default POP3 account and catch all options
Added Line Wrapping to Invoice Descriptions
Added LinkPoint Secure payment gateway
Added PSiGate payment gateway
Added eWay payment Gateway
Updated AuthorizeNet payment gateway
Fixed rounding issue on CP invoices
Fixed zero balance payment reminders
Fixed Secure Folder resource count
Fixed SSL global property issue
Added Auto Billing
Automated sign up for online payments including form based
Sign up specifying own password and filtered username
Ability to store credit card information
Ability to select the default card used in automated payments
Ability to activate multiple gateways both online and form based
Ability to assign default credit card types to each gateway
Ability to set custom encryption keys
Automated recurring payments
Full account auditing
Added ProTx support
Added Authorize.Net support (via xAuthorize)
Added ability to set primary MSDNS zone transfer security settings
Added ability to order IP address list
Added ability to order server list
Added notification when credits are added to account
Added ability to resend welcome messages for individual accounts
Added rebuild Helm COM+ feature to Configuration Tool (Advanced Only)
Updated all notifications to allow HTML, multipart content
Updated user table to include additional security details (Signup IP & Signup date)
Updated various regional compliances
Updated MSSQL to give dbo/schema admin default role option
Updated WorldPay to allow for optional account number
Updated MailEnable interface for added postoffice removal protection
Updated HTML header/footer options to be larger and clearer
Updated Smartermail not showing mail box sizes in MB rather than KB
Updated cancelling user to remove all recurring transactions
Updated system wide resource usage to include secure folder count
Updated Helm database for localisational support
Fixed updating plan limit from causing timeout
Fixed duplicated payment description bug
Fixed rounding bug when attempting to clear invoices
Fixed rounding issue on CP invoices
Fixed Merak mail autoresponder "always" causes loops
Fixed package limit bug
Fixed unpaid invoice where user has 100% discount
Fixed account balance showing up blank on CP
Fixed spacing issue on invoicing
Fixed various typos and other minor bugs

Added password protected directory support (URLProtector)
Added password protected directory support (IISPassword)
Added button to clear an invoice on all invoices that can be cleared
Added ability to configure the list sizes in the control panel
Added reverse language support
Added resizing of control panel text within browser
Added additional default domain options for SmarterTools service
Updated Who's On to appear under reports
Updated domain alias resource limit to be outside of web resource limits
Updated create new Helm database to include updates
Updated DNS zone editor to have sortable columns
Fixed MRA support with changes made in Merak Mail server
Fixed MSSQL users from performing all admin tasks
Fixed invoices so that oldest are cleared first if account balances allow
Fixed error message on payments and credits for zero balance accounts
Fixed error on applying Static IP with no DNS
Fixed additional path lookup when creating an FTP account
Fixed payment reminders being sent out for accounts with zero balance
Fixed cookie issue on removal of language pack
Fixed create domain alias failure when no mail resource is found
Fixed remove domain alias failure when no mail resource is found
Fixed server name able to include spaces
Fixed subdomains not to use dedicated IP address
Fixed IPs able to include spaces in hosts file
Fixed Configuration Tool allows website port number to be blank
Fixed recuring transaction description greater than 50 characters
Fixed invalid date issue with recurring transactions
Updated Signup form to not include disabled plans
Updated Microsoft DNS secondary to use dns files
Fixed bit column group by casting error in SQL 7.0
Added extra log information to Helm Installer
Fixed make payment page accessible when balance is zero
Fixed extra buttons appearing on some interfaces
Fixed SmarterMail SMTP auth option on service edit page
Fixed file manager back button not returning correct path
Fixed resellers not being able to purchase extra feature bug
Fixed invoices being sent out when paid off
Added full multi-lingual support (See Helm website for language packs)
Added extra feature notifications
Added "Who's On" tool to view current Helm logons
Added mail folder option for SmarterMail
Added secure SMTP option for SmarterMail
Added WorldPay preauthentication support on set limits
Added SecurePay callback page function
Added ability for users to make any payment amount they like
Updated Frontpage errors showing clear text password
Updated default billing statement search to 90 days
Updated billing statement to show which invoices are (un)paid
Updated billing statement ordering for better comprehension
Updated invoicing to create a new invoice per day
Updated folder selection for FTP and FileManager for bigger sites
Fixed extra feature removed after being purchased
Fixed security issue: Reseller plan and package access
Fixed SmarterMail catch all account deletion bug
Fixed SmarterStats log format not displaying correct format
Fixed Helm database check always returned update required
Fixed FTP physical path bug
Fixed SimpleDNS MX record load bug
Fixed MerakMail local auto-responder bug
Fixed MerakMail local MRA bug
Fixed name server mask case sensitivity bug
Fixed purchasing extra feature with no fee or billing bug
Fixed removing extra feature not affecting limits bug
Fixed subdomain dedicated IP change bug
Fixed subdomain setting permissions timeout bug
Fixed payment receipt [AccountBalance] bug
Fixed IMail not creating host correctly when mail limit zero bug
Fixed ODBC DNS using UNC path bug
Fixed FTP only packages not creating physical folders bug
Fixed Domain Property deletion bug
Added holding page dynamic tags [DomainName], [UserFirstName] etc.
Added ability to customise DNS zone SOA responsible party email address
Updated billing statement to include selected search dates
Fixed subdomains added with external IP on NAT networks
Fixed SmarterMail domain alias MX record check bug
Fixed Merak Mail catch all bug
Fixed SimpleDNS port number communication issue
Fixed SmarterMail catch all removal bug
Fixed SmarterMail blank autoresponder bug
Fixed SimpleDNS MX read bug
Fixed duplicate service name in resource bug
Fixed DNS configuration ordering

Added support for international characters (some 3rd party services may not comply)
Added support for billing receipts to compliment the invoicing process
Updated mail account creation to automatically recreate DNS records
Updated personal details not to propercase where not required
Fixed unable to remove MIME type bug
Fixed unable to remove user with recurring transaction bug
Fixed SmarterMail IP allocation bug
Fixed SmarterMail port number assign bug
Fixed disabling email autoresponder bug
Fixed IIS memory leak/component restart bug
Fixed invoices not marked as paid bug
Added support for SmarterMail
Added support for NoChex payment gateway
Added support for SecurePay payment gateway
Updated MerakMail automatically creates email account if missing
Fixed username not allow ".", "-" or "_"
Fixed "command text" error when testing Helm database connection
Fixed Statistics redistribution bug
Fixed Database distribution bug
Fixed Smarterstats using wrong communication IP bug
Fixed SmarterStats log file path bug
Fixed SmarterStats remote server alloctation bug
Fixed domain quoted search bug
Fixed email account created when limit zero bug
Fixed user properties not deleted bug
Fixed ColdFusion Flash Remoting Virtual directory bug
Fixed DateTime bug with payment gateway callback
Fixed type mismatch error log bug
Fixed SmarterStats remove with no siteid bug
Fixed next user account number bug
Fixed multi-domain removal bug
Setup wizard now allows a choice of website interface
Fixed Imail Domain Alias Bug
Fixed bug where Imail fails with setup wizard
Fixed overflow error with account limits
Fixed Subdomains using shared/dedicated IPs
Fixed account number prefix bug
Fixed Account numbers must be alphanumeric bug
Fixed SmarterStats UNC path bug
Fixed FTP user account passwords not encrypted
Fixed Database user account passwords not encrypted
Fixed AWStats file not created correctly bug

Updated Helm Configuration Tool to be able to test SMTP settings
Updated Helm Configuration Tool to search and find SQL databases
Updated Helm WYSIWYG editor to ensure HTML headers are added to files
Updated MailEnable interface to not create postoffice account by default
Updated MailEnable interface to create postoffice if not exist
Fixed MRA creation for MailEnable to use Groups and not MailBoxes
Fixed NTFS permissions not revoking correctly
Fixed SmarterStats incorrect log file format selection
Fixed statistics graph overflow error
Fixed PayPal does not fully work with UK PayPal accounts bug
Fixed Livestats guest access logon bug
Fixed user look up failure in MS FTP interface

Added automated TCP/IP HOSTS file support
Fixed timeout issues when adding domains and subdomains
Fixed recurring payment added as unlinked transaction
Fixed domain registration add error when part of another
Fixed large bandwidth usage causes overflow
Added support for SmarterStats Statistics Server
Updated standard interface for better positional understanding
Updated standard interface for clearer success/failure messages
Updated Helm Configuration Tool updates System Identity Account (SIA) NT password
Updated Helm Configuration Tool updates Scheduled Tasks when SIA changed
Fixed invoice prefix bug
Fixed CNAME using wrong alias name
Fixed user will not delete with disconnected recurring payment
Fixed forget password tool sending emails to/from own email address
Fixed updating FTP account read/write permissions bug
Fixed showing/hiding QuickHelp clearing form data
Fixed extra features keep incrementing at each interval
Fixed changing site properties causes BOF/EOF
Fixed autoresponder disable bug
Fixed website repair tool not finding sites to fix
Fixed website repair tool not recreating sub domains bug
Fixed MRA not striping blank email addresses
Fixed Email addresses not allow 2 characters bug
Fixed service delete failure due to null bug
Fixed service lookup
Fixed anonfix tool type mismatch bug
Fixed various other small bugs
Added Multi-Recipient Address support
Added ability to disable domains
Added support for AWStats
Added support for configurable SSL folder
Added Bandwidth Usage reports inc. exporting to MS Excel
Added ability to turn on/off website settings (ASP, Perl, PHP etc.)
Added ability to install/remove/fix Frontpage Extensions
Added support for ColdFusion MX Flash Remoting
Added ability to enable/disable directory browsing
Added ability to sort tables columns in Standard Interface
Added easy to use date selector to Standard Interface
Added ability to specify parking page name
Added server connection info for both FTP and Email Account with clickable link to default FTP client
Added ability to update global admin password in config tool
Update MSDNS interface to use machine name for systems across different networks instead of IP
Updated to send mails through CDOSYS instead of CDONTS
Updated cgi-bin support to remove folder if not available and empty
Updates SSL support to remove SSL folder if not installed and empty
Updated to allow system mails to be send through external SMTP Server
Updated FTP to not allow the user 'anonymous'
Updated add domain and add domain reg. pages for better transfer description
Updated Helm web control panel for ISO standard, universal date format
Updated Helm System with ISO standard, universal date format
Updated holding page to be HTML page rather than ASP page
Removed Advanced Domain area to reduce click-throughs
Removed Domain/Domain Registration Menu screen to reduce click-throughs
Removed User menu screen to reduce click-throughs
Fixed Helm reassigning service to domain issue
Fixed FTP service distribution bug
Fixed IIS File Caching issues
Fixed billing balance 0.01 rounding problem
Fixed billing details not shown for reseller when admin level disabled
Fixed bandwidth analyser runtime check error
Fixed diskspace analyser runtime check error
Fixed bandwidth analyser overflow on very high traffic logs
Fixed problem where plans were not deleted when reseller was removed
Fixed currency display problem for email notifications
Fixed add domain issue when using non web services only
Fixed parent path issue on IIS6
Fixed create MailEnable email account if postoffice does not exist bug
Fixed MailEnable infinite loop bug when deleting postoffice that does not exist
Fixed some valid email addresses not allowed bug
Fixed Statistics Count issue
Fixed "Statistics not removed when domain deleted" bug
Fixed issue with update database users
Fixed issue with database user limits

Added support for livestats guest login to be optional
Fixed 19 character domain name bug
Fixed when domain deleted, dedicated IP address failed to detach
Fixed valid email address not allowed when creating email account
Added configuration wizard
Added server diagnosis tool
Added new message alert when logging in
Added support for Worldpay gateway callback URL provided by Helm
Updated user creation so welcome mail is optional
Fixed adding domains without webservice bug
Fixed domain alias can't be added when no web service
Fixed handling linkpoint sending incorrect data back to callback
Fixed Serv-U 40 character limit bug
Fixed domain alias email address check not allowing mixed characters
Fixed expiry date issue on domain registrations
Fixed Helm creating blank username for Serv-U services
Fixed New installations of MailEnable have different API bug
Added support for email forwarders to be catch all accounts
Added CNAME support for global DNS and domain DNS editors
Updated POP3 forwarding to be store and forward
Updated IIS handling system for improved stability
Fixed MSFTP username 20 char trimming issue
Fixed ODBC for Access UNC bug
Fixed database deletion issue when domain removed
Fixed filemanager root drive issue on detached domains
Fixed MailEnable update account domain aliases for catch all accounts
Fixed IMail main host alias not to be added to alias list
Fixed FTP issue where users were able to take over
Fixed MRA icon appearing where unnecessary. (MRA support in next version)
Fixed users being able to add SSL without reseller limit
Fixed users having file manager etc without reseller limit
Added shared SSL service
Added support for Coldfusion 5 support
Added support for LinkPoint payment gateway
Added domain file manager
Added WYSIWYG HTML editor
Updated resource limit descriptions from "x of x" to "x used, x available"
Fixed multi service issue with bandwidth analyser
Fixed multi service issue with disk usage analyser
Fixed multi service issue with bandwidth collector
Fixed multi service issue with disk usage collector
Fixed IIS log corruption read error for bandwidth analyser
Fixed PayPal currency code bug
Fixed PayPal currency code display bug
Fixed ODBC DSN creation error
Fixed MIME type creation bug
Fixed ASP.Net application mapping error
Added support for dedicated IP (IP based) web sites
Added domain alias support for email on top of web
Added ability to provide more than one payment gateway option
Added support for Authorize.Net payment gateway
Added support for 2CheckOut payment gateway
Added support for Propay payment gateway
Added support for Paypal payment gateway
Added support for payment by cheque (offline means)
Added support for payment by bank transfer
Added custom control panel headers and footers for administrators and resellers
Added custom side bar links for administrators and resellers
Added payment security for call back pages to only listen to requests for certain IPs
Added gateway validation so that call back page does ignores fake requests
Added additional database user details for customers
Added quick help information for custom HTTP errors
Added support for database connection information to be added to database services
Added support for administrators to always see the DNS Zone Editor
Updated add domain to not request for unnecessary information
Updated online help so that only relevant articles are shown
Fixed billing transaction to be able to be back dated
Fixed signup page to redirect correctly
Fixed database override issue
Fixed FTP override issue
Fixed disabling and enabling resources by reseller
Fixed purchasing unavailable plans
Fixed default Microsoft SQL service port
Fixed frontpage password box to hide password
Fixed domain aliases using wrong IP
Fixed IMs being deleted when user is removed
Fixed incorrect recurrance shown for recurring transactions
Fixed wrong invoice ID shown on invoice listing page
Fixed DNS record editing in DNS Zone Editor
Fixed FTP folder path issue when adding/editing FTP user accounts
Fixed mixed case database name problem
Fixed integer overflow error in statistics
Fixed bandwidth usage collection to check Frontpage and ASP.NET sites
Fixed disk space usage collection to check Frontpage and ASP.NET sites
Merak Mail
- Fixed Email forwarding bug
- Fixed Multi-domain issue
- Fixed Auto responder
- Added support for domain aliasing
- Update to POP3 forwarding to store email before forwarding
- Added support for domain aliasing
- Added support for domain aliasing
Microsoft IIS5, ASP.NET & FrontPage
- Optimisations in speed
- FrontPage publishing update. Advanced author access now included
- Improved reliability of IIS, Frontpage, domain aliases and subdomains creation and removal
- Fixed issue with removing frontpage user account
- Fixed ASP.Net script mapping error
Microsoft DNS
- Optimisations in speed and reliability
Microsoft FTP
- Fixed NT account removal bug
- Fixed FTP creation after domain setup issue
- Database removal fix
- Fixed user account override issue
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